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Accessory Dwelling Unit

Are you looking to add a small, sustainable, and highly affordable dwelling unit to your property for visitors, in-laws, or short-term renters? If so, you’ve probably heard about accessory dwelling units. Also known as ADUs, these compact units have revolutionized how we think about affordable housing.

In the state of California, these secondary units, sometimes known as “granny flats”, need to meet a specific set of criteria to be up to code. To ensure your ADU lives up to the highest possible standards, you need to work with the home builders at Custom Design Construction. Ranked among the finest of all general contractors in the region, we’re here to build your ADU according to the standards set by the state of California.

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What Is an ADU?

An ADU is a dwelling unit constructed with completely independent living facilities. These units can be:

  • Detached dwellings
  • Attached dwelling (home additions)
  • Converted existing spaces
  • Junior Accessory Dwelling Units

Complete with plumbing, electricity, and numerous other household requirements, these units can be used for any number of purposes.

Best ADU Builders for the Job

The housing supply in California isn’t keeping up with the steadily increasing demand. Therefore, the state of California has implemented exemptions for building accessory dwelling units on people’s residential properties. More than just a barn, these units have the potential to function as fully wired and insulated guesthouses. Homeowners are free to offer them to loved ones, long-term renters, or whomever they wish.

If you live in an area zoned for residential or mixed-use dwellings, you can build an ADU, also known as an in-law suite or home addition, on your property. Before you can reap the benefits of these sustainable and low-cost units, you need to find the right builders for the job. That’s where we come in.

The people in our community recognize that we’re the best local residential contractors offering top-quality ADU builds. The small-scale size of an accessory dwelling unit doesn’t make it any easier to build—in fact, the minor details matter all the more in cases where the dwelling is smaller. We know how much a flaw can stand out in a more economical space, which is why we never overlook minor details. We carry out our duties in a code-compliant manner and with care.

Look to us when you want:

  • Detail-oriented, custom-building services
  • Assistance with permitting and documentation
  • Quick turnarounds on builds
  • Great rates and up-front estimates
  • Flawless construction and superior craftsmanship
  • …and more!

Between our approach to the customer experience and our rates, how could you go wrong?

Build Your Secondary Unit Today

Secondary backyard dwellings give homeowners a chance to add additional living space for grandparents, in-laws, summertime visitors, and more. With so much backyard space, how could you pass up the opportunity to make the most of it?

Invest your time and money wisely. Work with the best residential contractors in the region by calling (760) 218-3300.

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